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Couples Counseling

HumbleHouse Ministries Couples Counseling Price Chart

Couples Counseling with no Wedding Service

  • Single sessions: $90 an hour


Bundle packages

  • $265 for three sessions

  • $355 for four sessions

  • $535 for six sessions


Couples counseling with wedding service

Minimum 3 sessions required!

  • $250 for three sessions

  • $340 for four sessions

  • $480 for six sessions

Please note:

  • The total cost of the wedding will vary on many factors including, but not limited to distance, date of notification, dress code, state licensure requirements, special request, and proximity to holidays.

  • Counseling sessions can be conducted on FaceTime or Skype. If that is what you need, please request ASAP.

  • Please complete all assignments before the session to preserve the integrity of the time spent in the session.


Late Fee Notice: There is a $50 late fee policy and a $75 no show policy. If you need to

reschedule failure to notify 24 hours before the appointment will result in a $50 fee.

Payment notes:

  1. Payment is required before each session.

  2. Payment is required 48 hours before the wedding ceremony.

  3. $10 should be given for every 5 minutes the weeding is behind schedule.

  4. No form of insurance is accepted.

  5. Failure to pay will result in termination of further services including but not limited to scheduled counseling sessions and wedding services.

  6. Payment can be received via Venmo (NicholasYoung), CashApp (nickkyoung), and cash.

  7. No checks accepted.

  8. HumbleHouse Ministries is committed to offering services to all persons including those who cannot meet the payment requirements, if you are experiencing financial hardships please communicate that and we will work with you.

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