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Reparations Consulting

While a student at Princeton Theological Seminary, Nicholas helped lead a campus movement that called on his institution to give reparations to people from the African Diaspora. During his tenure as president of the Association of Black Seminarians, the institution responded to the organization’s efforts and committed to enacting reparations projects that will amount to $27 million dollars in perpetuity. During this effort, Nicholas used skills he learned from his family which includes a late former national president of the NAACP, lessons learned during his activism as a youth, and tactics taught in the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Morehouse College. Since the announcement of the school’s plan, Nicholas has spoken on university panels, to media outlets, and to organizations interested in the reparations process. Consequently, Nicholas makes himself available to explore the ways in which reparations can be sought or rendered to and by diverse bodies. The links below are some examples of his work.

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